Rockport Cruises

Cruise in the “heart” of the exhilarating 1000 Islands. From the moment you step aboard, the picture perfect setting will fill your mind and you will be captured by an essence of excitement. Explore the rugged natural beauty of the St. Lawrence River as you set off from the beautiful town or Rockport, Ontario. Imaging an era of elegance and nobility, majestic castles and whispers of a thousand legends.

Choose from our One, Two or Three Hour Sightseeing Cruise, Boldt Castle Cruise, St. Lawrence Lunch Cruise, Sunset Dinner Cruise or Two Castle Tour. Experience the panoramic view of the majestic St. Lawrence River in our waterfront Island View Restaurant & Patio Bar.

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Rockport Cruises

20 Front Street, Rockport

613-659-3402 / 1-800-563-8687

May to October. Call for availability.

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