Amazing Science Centre

Come view our many displays and exhibits covering a wide variety of sciences from Astronomy and Biology to Geology and Archeology; then dive into the realm of fantasy with our fun stuff like dragons, our Time Tunnel exhibit, and even Noah’s Ark!

Here are just a few of our hands-on interactive exhibits: King Tut, our wall mounted Raptor, a variety of replica skulls (Baboon, Gorilla, Human, Neanderthal), our collection of exotic minerals and our ginormous Bronto Femur.

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Amazing Science Centre

52 Eighth Street East, Cornwall


July – August: (Wed–Sat) 9am–5pm, September – June: (Sat) 1pm–4pm. Note: Closed 12pm–1pm for lunch.

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    BrontoFemur MineralsDinoDinner

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