Belleville Theatre Guild

The Belleville Theatre Guild has been offering excellent community theatre at affordable family prices since 1951. Every year brings a new season’s crop of entertaining theatre. With a blend of classic and contemporary, you are sure to find laughter, tears, debate, and the joy of music.

Our theatre, the Pinnacle Playhouse, is conveniently located in historic downtown Belleville, close to amenities that include an art gallery, library, casual and fine dining, retail shopping, and a beautiful public waterfront. We invite you to join us for the best deal in live theatre anywhere.

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Business Details

Belleville Theatre Guild

256 Pinnacle Street, Belleville


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Box Office Hours D8C_6834

Prior To Opening Night
Monday – 2pm-8pm

During The Show
Tuesday to Friday – 2pm-8pm
Saturday – 5pm-8pm
Sunday – 11am-2:00pm

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