Blue Heron Golf Club

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Blue Heron Golf Club

3417 McDonald's Corners Road, Lanark


Outdoor Activities


April-November: 7am-9pm

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Blue Heron IMG_2890 Golf Club is always open to the public but does offer membership options as well! Many leagues are available to join for all ages and skill levels. To introduce golf for a lifetime, beginner lessons for kids to adults are offered. Tournaments and Events are always welcome in a fun environment.

We love to welcome visitors staying in the area with our new Stay & Play packages. Families are always encouraged at the Blue Heron, with many kid-friendly specials available. Join our newsletters to keep up-to-date information on events and special offers.

The Clubhouse at Blue Heron Golf Club offers a perfect place to extend your golfing experiencIMG_3553e. Mulligans Grill is home to the “best burger in Lanark County” with all of our food prepared fresh with a simple menu and daily specials. Couples Night Nine & Dines are also a popular outing, with a full sit down meal.

From an open deck to a newly renovated sunroom or our air conditioned Clubhouse, our team is anxious to serve you something from our new menu along with a frosty beverage.


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