Brockville Arts Centre

Leading Canadian artists and performers have touted the Brockville Arts Centre as Canada’s foremost midsized historic theatre. The recent $2 million facelift, has raised the eyebrows of Canada’s musical elite with a sound system equivalent to Celine Dion’s Las Vegas system. Luxurious seating duplicated from Washington’s Lincoln Centre and historic chandeliers from the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

One of the most memorable compliments comes from renowned Canadian Artist, John McDermott, who was quoted that “of the many continents he has performed at, Brockville Arts Centre has acoustic excellence second to none”. Other artists who have recently performed at the Brockville Arts Centre include; Harry Connick Jr., Tragically Hip, Great Big Sea, Michelle Wright and several touring groups.

The historic Brockville Arts Centre will continue to be a significant attraction with the recruitment of creative talent seeking a home for performance where resort living is an everyday occurrence.

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Brockville Arts Centre

235 King St West, Brockville


Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-3pm

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