Canada Penitentiary Museum

Come visit Canada’s Penitentiary Museum, the award-winning museum dedicated solely to the preservation and interpretation of the history of our federal penitentiaries! Located at the birthplace of the Correctional Service of Canada in Kingston Ontario, the museum is housed within the former Warden’s residence of Kingston Penitentiary.

Visitors are often surprised at the complexity of a penitentiary environment. It isn’t just about crime and punishment. Learn about the forward-thinking entertainment and art programs introduced in the 1950s as you wander through the eight display rooms at your own pace. See our unparalleled collection of penitentiary-related artifacts and photographs. As an added bonus, during the summer months, the museum is staffed by retired Officer Volunteers whose first-hand experiences currently date back to 1960!

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Canada Penitentiary Museum

555 King Street West, Kingston


Summer (April 30th-October 31st) Weekdays: 9am-4pm, Weekends: 10am-4pm; Winter (November 1st – April 29th) - Check For Museum Hours (No Tours)

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