Elements Glass Studio

I came to glass after spending most of my working life in the bush and on the land. I have searched for tungsten in the Yukon, worked geophysics in northern Manitoba, thrown fish out of helicopters south of Algonquin, fought forest fires and walked miles and miles of timber. Things change.

My glass studio is located in a small century-old carriage house in the quaint village of Bloomfield. I create glass art ranging from originally designed stained glass panels to gorgeous kiln formed glass bowls and platters. Kiln casting and glass sculpture are my latest interests. My work is award winning and found in homes and offices from coast to coast as well as many other countries.

Glass takes me to fascinating places and areas of discovery, both within myself and its own depths, sometimes crystal clear, light radiating through magnifying tiny imperfections adorning them with rainbow hue.
Deep, dark, rich vibrant colour, glossy smoothness, urging touch.
Solid one moment, fluid the next, all its forms draw me.

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Business Details

Elements Glass Studio

305 Main Street, Bloomfield


Summer: 7 day 11am-5pm / otherwise by appointment (or by chance)

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