Fort Wellington National Historic Site of Canada

Built in 1838-39, Fort Wellington today depicts its appearance and life in 1846 when the Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment (RCRR) was stationed here. The RCRR had been established a few years earlier for service in Canada and had been granted special privileges to discourage desertion.

Fort Wellington has survived virtually intact from the days when the RCRR was stationed there. Two buildings that once stood within the ramparts of Fort Wellington are, however, now missing: the guardhouse, to the east of the main gates, and the cookhouse, between the officer’s quarters and the latrine. Sentries rested in the guardhouse between shifts and the cookhouse was used for preparing the soldiers’ meals.

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Fort Wellington National Historic Site of Canada

370 Vankoughnet Street, Prescott


Victoria Day Weekend - Thanksgiving

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    gun_firingFort Wellington continues to depict life as it was in 1846 when the Royal CanadianRifle Regiment (RCRR) was stationed here.

    Its members enjoyed a better lifestyle than the average British soldier and a greater percentage than usual in the British army were allowed to marry. Along with a higher rate of pay than most regiments, riflemen in the RCRR, were allowed to find work in the community in which they were stationed. Wives of soldiers could make money washing clothes or working as domestic servants in the town of Prescott.

    Children were allowed to live with their parents until the age of 14 when they were required to leave the barracks to make their own way in the world.fw_cannon


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