Fruition Berry Farm

Our family has farmed the original part of Fruition Berry Farm, consisting of approximately 140 acres, since it’s purchase in 2003. The neighboring piece of property was purchased a year later providing a house, barn and another 100 acres enabling us to have enough land to grow our own wheat that could provide the straw for the strawberries. We opened the pick-your-own operation to the public in 2006.

It is not possible to imagine operating this farm without the generous love and support of our families and good friends. As each year passes, we are learning and growing.

Our goal is to keep our distribution to on our farm and local markets. We think of our farm in terms of our family and a quality way of life. We look forward to sharing our passion for farming, family and good food with you and yours.

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Fruition Berry Farm

3208 Hughes Road, Kingston


June-Oct (7days a week - hours each day varies)

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