Gananoque Boat Line 1000 Islands Cruises

Gananoque Boat Line operates five triple-decker, all-aluminum vessels. Facilities on board include: rest rooms on each deck, coffee shop and refreshments. There are five open decks and two fully enclosed decks.

Gananoque Boat Line is the largest and oldest cruise company in the 1000 Islands. Having five vessels ranging in size from 350 to 500 passengers, enables us to offer a cruise for any interest and any schedule!

We have two locations and four tours, including our Lost Ships of the 1000 Islands Cruise, and a 5-hour Boldt Castle Stopover Cruise. Live bands, murder mystery, and other exciting special events on board our cruises are scheduled all summer long.

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Gananoque Boat Line 1000 Islands Cruises

280 Main Street, Gananoque

613-382-2144 / 1-888-717-4837

April-October by Schedule

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