Garrison Golf & Curling Club

The Garrison Golf and Curling Club was established in 1961 as a curling and recreational facility. The club served as a seasonal outlet until a 9-hole golf course was added in 1971. In 1985, the Garrison Golf and Curling Club opened an additional 9 holes and with a major renovation to the Clubhouse in 1993, now serves as the predominant recreational outlet at CFB Kingston.

We are a full-featured course bringing the finest golfing experience to the Kingston area with challenging gameplay on a beautifully groomed playing surface that is as welcoming to the novice as it is to the seasoned pro. The club offers a variety of membership options and green fee packages for the occasional or avid golfer.

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Business Details

Garrison Golf & Curling Club

12 Red Patch Avenue, Kingston


Outdoor Activities

Golf: May-Oct 7am-9pm Curling: Oct-April 8am-10pm

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