Gibbons Family Farm: Maple Sugar House & Museum

Maple syrup is made during March and April when the weather conditions are right. It must freeze at night and thaw during the day.

At Gibbons Family Farm we produce quality maple syrup using a mix of traditional methods and modern equipment.

We have 4500 taps spread over 100 acres of maple bush. Approximately 44 kilometers of pipeline is strung throughout our maple bush to collect the sap. We use a tractor pulling a trailer with a 3000 litre tank to bring the sap from storage tanks in the maple bush to our maple sugar house. To learn more about the maple syrup process and to see us in action, we welcome you to visit us.

Gibbons Family Farm Maple Sugar House & Museum is a member of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association.

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Gibbons Family Farm: Maple Sugar House & Museum

41 Leacock Road, Frankville


Open Year Round - 7 days a week (no set hours in a day)

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