Heron House Pilates & Yoga

Heron House Pilates & Yoga is a cozy boutique studio in the heart of Picton overlooking Picton Harbour.

Visitors are invited to come to Heron House for Pilates, Hatha style yoga and personal training. You are welcome to join existing classes or book private sessions at a time that is suited to your needs. All levels are welcome. Please contact Denise to book your class or session.

Heron House Pilates is a total body workout that will improve your posture, total body strength, ‘core’ strength, and flexibility. You will be taught muscle isolation and engagement; and total body awareness through the extensive repertoire of Pilates exercises offered in our classes.

Heron House Yoga is a Hatha style of yoga which encompasses the balance of the body, mind and spirit through the exploration of ‘asanas’ postures, ‘pranayama’ breath and relaxation bringing you greater strength, improved flexibility and a deeper awareness of the self for optimum health and well-being.

Heron House Cardio specialty classes are great high energy rebounder classes that improve cardio endurance, balance, bone & muscle strength, lymphatic drainage and detox your body. This fun workout also tones your body helping to reduce fat.

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Heron House Pilates & Yoga

40 Hill Street, Picton


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