Ideal Bike

Ideal Bike is a small bicycle repair, gear and wheeled-sport dealer located in the downtown core of Belleville, Ontario. The shop carries a wide range of bicycles from road to mountain, BMX to “fat bikes,” as well as add-ons and apparel. Ideal Bike also caters to the skateboard and scooter scene in Belleville, making them the prime location to fulfill multiple cycle-sport needs.

Their mission is to aid the Belleville community in realizing the full potential of the bicycle, through providing services to fit or build the most “ideal bike” for each individual. Ideal Bike believes that the perfect bike is the key to understanding and benefiting from cycling sports and tries to help each client make this ideal, perfectly dialed bicycle a reality.

Ideal Bike is expanding into the market of “fat bike” rentals. The shop will be tailoring its selection to be able to offer a wider variety of price points and builds to suit the demands of its community.

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Business Details

Ideal Bike

225 Front Street, Belleville


10:30am-5pm Mon-Sat

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