Inverary Golf & Country Club

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Inverary Golf & Country Club

4524 Latimer Road, Inverary


Outdoor Activities

April - October

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10341621_769213039766555_4769275163562601242_nNumbers ten through thirteen are a series of holes which consists of long winding rivers and sand traps. Although there are obstacles, the opportunity for good scores is still there, and they are some of the most beautiful holes on the course. Once you reach number fourteen, the course takes you through some narrow holes that are cut out of a maple forest and make for a scenic final stretch to the club house.

Once you’ve finished the 18th hole, you’re welcomed with an air conditioned club house and a full licenced bar and grill. You’re more than welcome to sit and enjoy our large deck and patio that offers a great view of the ninth and eighteenth hole.

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