Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex

Sport facilities have always been the gathering places for youth and adults alike. They offer vitality to our community, our dreams, create shared experiences and memories and give us a common identity. They inspire us to make healthy lifestyle choices and be active in a modern, well-maintained and safe environment.

Kingston’s newest state-of-the-art sporting facility, the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex encompasses all of these core values for promoting and sustaining healthy living right in your own backyard. We’re excited to be able to expand their recreation business to serve the sporting community of Kingston, and bring large scale sporting events to Kingston.

Situated on the same property as Kingston’s Friendliest golf course, the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex adds value to local residents and visiting golfers alike with larger venue capacity and endless event possibilities via the seamless merging of two complimentary recreational businesses.

Our doors are open for year round play. So come out and visit the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex and we’ll show you that we’ve got your game covered.

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Business Details

Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex

1485 Westbrook Road, Kingston


9am-11pm (Monday To Friday), 8am-11pm (Saturdays & Sundays)

Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex Featured Image

Just 1000islandssportsplexaround the corner is Kingston’s newest multi-sport complex that aims to accommodate a multitude of field sports, teams, events, community groups, and of course golfers looking for some winter practice.

Measuring 400 x 240 feet, the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex is filled with lush, top grade artificial turf on a full size FIFA size playing surface, with the ability to divide into 4 pitches for maximum playing time at reasonable rates. Our state-of-the-art dome manufactured by the Farley Group features significant technological advances to ensure its ability to withstand high winds and inclement weather conditions. With climate controls in place, our facility offers comfortable temperatures for indoor play through any season, while ensuring continuous play without concerns of high UV, weather delays or insects.


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