Kingston City Hall

A prominent landmark on the Kingston waterfront since 1844, City Hall is the symbolic centre of the community’s civic government and administration. Originally designed by architect George Browne when Kingston was the capital of the United Province of Canada, City Hall is one of finest 19th century buildings in Canada and a nationally designated heritage site.

In additional to municipal government and City Council, the building has hosted many different organizations and services over the years including a bank, a saloon, church groups, theatre productions, a court room and a women’s medical school.

Take the tour and learn more about Kingston City Hall’s fascinating history, beautiful architecture – and about the intriguing people, events and stories associated with this national historic site.

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Kingston City Hall

216 Ontario Street, Kingston


May 16 - October 16 Weekdays: 10am-4pm, May 16 - August 28 Weekends: 10am-4pm

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