Kingston Jazz Society

The Kingston Jazz Society (KJS) is a non-profit charitable association of jazz lovers. The KJS hosts artists of national and international acclaim, leveraging Kingston’s unique position between Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, to bring in top-flight talent on tour in the area. Our organization is managed and staffed by volunteers, with a dedicated core group completely focused on the music that we help bring to the city.

The jazz community has deep roots in Kingston – dating back to the end of the second World War, the big-band era, when Kingston hosted the Canadian Forces Vimy Band – a world class military orchestra that toured the world, many of whose members also played jazz locally in Kingston bars and restaurants.

Those players blended easily with local players, creating many memorable evenings of spontaneous, improvised jazz of an unusually high quality. The collaborations that this fusion spawned became the Kingston Jazz Society. Though the Vimy band has relocated, the spirit of jazz – and the local scene – percolates as vigorously as ever.

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Kingston Jazz Society

30 Edgehill Street, Kingston


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