L&A Classic Drives (Car Routes)

Shine up your ride and head to Lennox & Addington County. We’re the perfect place for touring. Our well-maintained roads offer a great variety of curves and rolling hills, and the breathtaking scenic views are well worth seeing. Along the way you’ll visit the charming communities that give L&A County its rich rural flavour.

Stretching north from the shore of Lake Ontario, our touring routes take you along well-maintained county roads for a tour that you won’t soon forget. You’ll experience the natural beauty, unique history and unforgettable rural charm that Lennox & Addington County has to offer.

We’ve done the planning for you, just hop in your car and drive!

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L&A Classic Drives (Car Routes)

97 Thomas Street East, Napanee


Office: Monday-Friday: 8:30am–4:30pm

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