L&A County Museum & Archives

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L&A County Museum & Archives

97 Thomas Street East, Napanee


Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm (Closed Holidays)

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The story of the settlement and historical development of Lennox & Addington County is highlighted in a number of themed exhibits displayed within the old County Gaol. Artefacts from the textile, furniture, domestic arts, tools and equipment collections of the Museum & Archives are showcased on a changing basis. Occasional guest exhibitions are also presented.

The Archives holds a significant paper collection documenting the ongoing historical settlement and development of Lennox & Addington County. The holdings include the collections of the Lennox and Addington Historical Society, local municipalities, L&A land registry abstracts and copy books, newspapers, photographs, maps, records of groups, organizations and local businesses, posters, handbills and paintings.

A tech-friendly reading room offers researchers a wealth of primary, microfilm and published sources for genealogical research. Finding aids to births, marriages and deaths from local newspapers, cemeteries and research files are also available. A genealogical and a local/Ontario history reference library complement these resources.

A series of monthly programs complement the exhibits. “Tuesday Night at the Museum” is held the third Tuesday of each month, and features lectures, music and drama for adult audiences. “Museum Kids”, held the ­first Saturday of the month, introduces children and the young at heart to the museum through themed programming. Other special events and educational programs for school classes are are also offered regularly.

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