Shared Space Jewelry

Jewelry artist Jan Duffy uses a variety of mixed media components to make fun to wear one of a kind artisan necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings as well as a variety of items to brighten up your home.

Everything is hand made and the beads and pendants are hand rolled and embossed, engraved, or carved. Once they have been bisque fired they are glazed and off they go to be fired again. The day the glaze kiln is opened is always one of anticipation and surprise. Whether the beads are Jelly Bean bright, Sherbet Ice cool, Ocean Breeze fresh or covered with happy Polka Dots, the glazes look oh so fabulous on the bright white translucent porcelain clay.

Equally amazing is the way layers of earth tone glaze applied to red stoneware clay shine with nature’s warmth. Jan uses an organic approach to jewelry composition and the collections are diverse — beads and pendants are laid out on her workbench and the process of deciding which components belong together begins along with a decision about the best way to string them — do the colors and shapes lend themselves to copper, silver or boho chic recycled sari silk. Each piece wanders along its own creative path to completion.

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Business Details

Shared Space Jewelry

31 Wellington Street (Highway 33), Bloomfield


May - End of Oct: Thursday-Monday 10am-5pm (by chance or appointment)

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Organic_copper_strawberry_cream_and_green_necklace_2_N4_1024x1024 Porcelain_Bead_and_Silver_Necklace_with_Green_Black_and_White_Polka_Dots_Stripes_and_Flowers_3_1024x1024 Ocean_Pool_Porcelain_and_Silver_Bracelet_1_B6_1024x1024

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