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223 Main Street RR3, Eastons Corners




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This middelshireroomhouse is perfect for large family gatherings or other group activities. There are 8 bedrooms and another 3 sitting rooms with sofa beds that can sleep 2 persons. We also have several air beds available. Most bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms. 2 bedrooms (Dragons Lair) share a bathroom from the hallway, and 2 other bedrooms (Knights Rest) share a private bathroom that is located between the 2 rooms. There are a total of 6 full bathrooms and 1 powder room. One bedroom suite is located on the main floor and is accessible without needing stairs. Most beds are queen size with memory foam toppers, there are also 2 king and 1 twin bed.

Our large, middelshiresunroomwell stocked 500 sq ft kitchen is centrally located and is often the focus of gatherings and fun. It has a stove as well as a gas cook top in a 10 ft long island, and includes two side by side refrigerators. In addition, there are 2 other large rooms, a sun room and sitting room, just off the kitchen, and a games room upstairs for our guests to enjoy.

Note: middelshirediningroomWhen not doing a group booking, We operate as a B&B so to ensure availability for your large group, you are advised to book early. As soon as we get one B&B room booking for a given date we are no longer available for a group booking on that date.
We occasionally host Murder Mysteries where the guests are the characters. If you’re interested in hosting one during your stay, please contact us.

Absolutely no smoking in the house. 

Pets NOT ALLOWED due to allergens.

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