Miracle Green Farms

Miracle Green Farms is a family owned naturalistic farm that grows the highest quality organic foods; from high-nutrition natural eggs of organically fed free range chickens, to the most exotic vegetables native to the Eastern Hemisphere, and everything in between – we grow it all. And that is all thanks to the soil on which we farm. Green Farms are words we use to describe lands that have never been used for agriculture before; the only sower has been eons of Mother Nature until now. That is why our soil is unspoiled and rich with everything a plant needs to grow healthily to its full potential. For that very reason, we never feed artificial chemicals to our plants because we quite honestly don’t need to and never will. Even the water that we use for irrigation has been filtered from our personal unspoiled nutrient-rich everglades. But what this all means in the end is one thing and one thing only: We grow food like it is meant to be grown: naturally.

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Miracle Green Farms

773 Concession Road 9, Enterprise


Food & Drink


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