Montrose Inn & Tea Room

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Montrose Inn & Tea Room

1725 Old Highway 2, Quinte West

613-966-1028 / 1-866-466-6876

Year round

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On select montroseinnteaafternoons, we provide a full three course High Tea. All sandwiches and baked goods are freshly prepared using quality ingredients at the Inn. We make every effort to meet your dietary needs including food allergies.

Montrose Inn, one of the best examples of ‘ante bellum’ architecture in Ontario. It was built in 1916 by Robert J. Graham, a prominent businessman and former mayor of Belleville, and remained in the family until the early 1980’s. The Inn with its many original features, grand crown mouldings, solid oak paneling, grand staircase, fixtures, and workings has been updated with modern amenities and decor that celebrates the era while being fresh and inviting.

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