Panaché Bakery & Café

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Panaché Bakery & Café

162 King Street E., Gananoque


Food & Drink


Mon-Sat 8am-5pm

Panaché Bakery & Café Featured Image

We’re a family-run homestyle bakery. All our baked goods are made here from scratch. Our regularly-available breads are: white, whole wheat, sourdough-flax, rye, good hearth, multigrain and baguette.

We make both sweet and savory pastries including such customer favourites as cinnamon buns, lemon meringue pie and carrot muffins. Or you can try something exotic (and hard-to-find) like Florentines (absolutely the best!), bakewell tarts and St. Laurent cakes.

We’re a café, too. Stop in for a break and have one of our pastries (hot or cold, sweet or savoury), soup, chili, or one of our succulent made-to-order sandwiches and a drink. We serve regular and decaf coffee; Gananoque’s best espresso, cappuccino and latté; all-natural loose teas; and the usual juices and soft drinks. Come enjoy live music every Saturday afternoon.

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