Paulridge Berry Farm

Paulridge Berry Farm is committed to providing fresh and local produce, and to provide an outdoor experience where people of all ages can enjoy our beautiful Ontario summers. We treat our customers as we do our neighbours, with courtesy, respect, and friendship. We love our farm, and we hope you will too!

We operate on a pick-your-own basis, but usually have a few picked baskets available for purchase. You may bring your own containers to pick into, or you can purchase baskets from us.


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Paulridge Berry Farm

2114 Palace Road, Napanee


June-July (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-4pm, Sun Closed)

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Strawberries are what have been drawing people back to Paulridge Berry Farm for 30 years! We use a number of varieties that fruit at slightly different times, allowing us to offer a long picking season. During strawberry season, you will park in a flat-rock parking lot, then will arrive at the check-in station after a very short downhill walk.

After checking in, we will direct you to what part of the farm we are picking on that day. You may be invited on a wagon ride to the picking area, or it may be close enough to walk. The wagon will return to collect you and your plentiful berries once you are through. We have lots of help for any lifting and carrying the berries to your vehicle.

During raspberry season, you will park at the ends of the raspberry rows, under the direction of one of our supervisors.

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