Born in Melbourne, Australia, David Scott studied ceramics in Hobart at the Institute of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in Hobart and in 1995 Scott’s Pottery was launched.

Much of David’s work was sold through the galleries in Salamanca Place in Hobart. At that time, his pots were glazed terra cotta — big platters, big crocks, bowls in various sizes, mugs, jugs — all decorative and all functional.

In 2012 David and his wife Jan Duffy moved to Bloomfield in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario and Pottery31 was established. David now produces beautiful hand-thrown, hand-decorated, glazed stoneware and he and Jan are happy to welcome you any time you would like to visit the pottery.

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31 Wellington Street (Highway 33), Bloomfield


10am-5pm Thurs-Mon - Early May to End of October (and by chance or appointment)

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