Pump House Museum

If you are interested in a fun and enriching activity to do in Kingston, look no further than the Pump House Steam Museum. Our building’s steam powered pumps are certain to get your child off their iPad and engaged with fascinating technology and exhibits.The Pump House Steam Museum is located in one of Canada’s oldest original water works – where steam-powered pumps provided the first running water to Kingston residents from 1850. Only six similar preserved water pumping plants remain in North America.

The museum’s most incredible artifact is the museum itself – where the original pumps are animated and visitors can discover exactly how they worked. Guided or self-guided tours show how steam power was an essential element of the industrial development of Canada and pumped water played a key role in Kingston’s history.

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Pump House Museum

23 Ontario Street, Kingston


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Hours of Operation

Friday and Thursday – noon – 4 pm

Saturday – 10 am – 5 pm

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