The Quinte Symphony

Founded in 1960 as the Eastern Ontario Concert Orchestra by Stephen Choma in conjunction with local businessman Thomas Bata, the Quinte Symphony has become one of Quinte’s most significant and highly acclaimed performing arts organizations.

For over fifty years the symphony has been performing live orchestral music in the Quinte region with world-class performers such as Mary Lou Fallis, Eduard Minevich and Anton Kuerti. The symphony has also featured home-grown talent such as pianist Greg Butler, the Belleville Choral Society, Donna Bennett, Marilyn Woolven and Steven Belanger to name a few.


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The Quinte Symphony

36 Bridge Street East, Belleville


Performances are offered year round. Timing may vary.

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In the early years, the orchestra travelled to different communities in the Qs1 surrounding area but for the last two decades the concerts have been mostly in Belleville.

The symphony has performed at venues that include the Robert Horwood Auditorium at Centennial Secondary School, Belleville Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Eastminster United Church and the historic Bridge Street Church. With the start of the 2003-2004 season, the symphony moved to Front Street at the newly-opened Empire Theatre. After three seasons, Quinte Symphony returned to their former home at the acoustically renowned Bridge Street Church in Belleville.Qs2

Throughout its history former conductors, including internationally renowned conductors Kerry Stratton and Clifford Crawley, have influenced the development and growth of the orchestra to its present tradition of a 4-concert MasterWorks Series of standard orchestral repertoire with an outstanding soloist. For many years a Pops concert, showcasing music that can entertain an entirely new audience, was also incorporated into the season.

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