The Regent Theatre

Situated on Main Street in picturesque Picton, Ontario, the historic Regent Theatre is the centre for the arts in Prince Edward County, providing the community with a unique venue for live theatre and music.

First run movies, art films presented by Cinefest, and an international satellite feed fine arts programme (opera, dance, theatre) round out the offerings of The Regent, making it a diverse venue that truly reflects its community.

The Regent is a rare example of a still intact Edwardian opera house. Construction began in 1918 using the 80-year old foundation of a former warehouse. Designed by Toronto architects Warrington and Page, The Regent Theatre opened its doors in February 1922 with the Canadian war comedy live play “Mademoiselle from Armentieres”.

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Business Details

The Regent Theatre

224 Main Street , Picton

613-476-8416 / 1-877-411-4761

Box Office - Summer: 10am-4pm (First Monday in April to December 23rd), Winter: 12pm-3pm

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