Shannonville Motorsport Park

Shannonville is one of the world’s most versatile and safest motorsport parks. It’s unique design offers advantages to the public and industry that cannot be found anywhere else.

Use of the facility by professional race teams, car & motorcycle racing schools, clubs, high performance car and motorcycle street-oriented schools, industry and media for vehicle testing, T.V. programs and commercial production, keeps the park busy every day of the week!

Zoom over and check us out. Our track’s design is unique in North America. Located in the beautiful Bay of Quinte Region, halfway between Toronto and Ottawa. Shannonville Motorsport Park; Canada’s favourite road racing facility.

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Business Details

Shannonville Motorsport Park

7047 Old Highway 2, Shanonville


Outdoor Activities

April - October 9am-5pm (Daily), November - March 9am-5pm (Mon-Fri)

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