Skywood Eco Adventure Park

Parks of the St. Lawrence is launching a brand new destination attraction Skywood Eco Adventure Park in the heart of the 1000 Islands. Skywood will be Ontario’s largest ziplining and canopy adventure park and will feature a large Tree Top Village for children, include courses that are accessible and offer a blend of fun and discovery for guests of all ages.

Located on the old Brown’s Bay Campground, on the 1000 Islands Parkway near Brown’s Bay Beach and Ivy Lea Campground, Skywood is in the unique setting of the Frontenanc Arch UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Skywood will include ziplines, canopy tours, aerial games and a large children’s treehouse play area.

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Business Details

Skywood Eco Adventure Park

Thousand Islands Parkway, Mallorytown

1-800-437-2233 / 613-543-4328

To Be Announced

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