Stirling Festival Theatre

The Stirling Festival Theatre presents family-oriented entertainment, including musicals, comedies, children’s programs, and concerts.

Over 45,000 audience members from Hastings County, Quinte, Prince Edward County and Northumberland attend the theatre annually.

Stirling Festival Theatre presents over 100 theatrical performances each year. In addition to presenting a year-round roster of outstanding touring shows, SFT also self-produces a few shows including at least two original Canadian plays each year.

Additionally, music,cabarets, and dinner theatre style Murder Mysteries are sometimes presented in Burrell Hall, a cabaret space which seats approximately 100 people.

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Business Details

Stirling Festival Theatre

41 West Front Street, Stirling


Box Office Hours - Tues-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am2pm. Other times are event based.

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