Stone City Ales

Stone City ales is a small craft brewery located in the heart of downtown Kingston. Come hang out with us in the tap room, if we’re brewing you’re going to be immersed in the experience along with us only you get to do it with a beer in hand!

In addition to our own beers on draft in the tap room we offer Ontario guest taps, Canadian wine, cider, craft soda and wonderful bites from our kitchen. Plus, our bottle shop allows us to sell take-out beer to you right out of our front door. Buying straight from the brewery means you’re getting the freshest, most tasty beer possible!

It is important to note that we are first and foremost a brewery. We are dedicated to making the highest quality beer possible. We don’t cut corners. We don’t rush anything and no, we don’t filter our beer. We hope to see you soon!

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Stone City Ales

275 Princess Street, Kingston


Food & Drink


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