The Gander’s Bed & Breakfast

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The Gander’s Bed & Breakfast

22 Beach Street, Wellington


Open Year Round

    Relax on the patio, explore the gardens, or follow the paths down to the large deck on the private pebble beach. Weather permitting, enjoy a lake-side bonfire, roast marshmallows, or just stargaze and listen to the surf.

    Hot breakfasts featuring County produce are served in the dining room. We make every effort to accommodate special diets and allergies when preparing our food. It is helpful to advise us when reserving your room if you have any dietary restrictions.

    The guest’s areas on the main floor include the library and living room. The library is a comfortable room complete with a gas fireplace for those fall and winter evenings. There is a large selection of books, TV and VCR, and a large games-table for your enjoyment.

    There are limited kitchen privileges which include the use of a small bar fridge and access to glasses and ice. There is an assortment of teas and coffees available for your pleasure.

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