The Manse Boutique Inn

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The Manse Boutique Inn

10 Chapel Street, Picton



Feb-Dec 24/7, Closed for Jan

All guests are invitedmanse-room to explore our landscaped gardens, enjoy the tranquility of our pond and waterfall and indulge in our outdoor salt water pool and hot tub.

Our intimate dining room is open to our guests for private dining with advance reservation. Think of us for your next birthday, family reunions, anniversary, business meeting, or any other special events.

The Manse also offers intimate wedding services for everyone with arrangements and planning easily co-ordinated for rehearsal dinners, officiants, flowers, and party rentals.
One of the unique aspects of The Manse is that rather than having a large impersonal staff, we have a dedicated couple who ensure your reservations, meals and quality of stay.

Husband and Wife team Kathleen and Chef Chris Wylie, look forward to hosting your getaway at The Manse. No need to remember who’s who, just greet us as Kathleen and Chris.

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