The Nest at Heron House

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The Nest at Heron House

40 Hill Street, Picton


Open Year Round

    The Nest is located within the historic town of Picton,Left3lowerdecklarge the business and administrative centre of Prince Edward County. The Prince Edward Yacht Club can be seen from The Nest and is only a few minutes walk down the street.

    A 10 minute walk will bring you to downtown Picton, where you will find a complete selection of retail shops that will provide all your basic necessities.

    Picton also boasts a number of historic buildings, churches, museums and the Regent Theatre.

    The rural charm of the County expresses itself in its agricultural base, tiny hamlets, winding country roads andmainpichomepgtopcentre the magnificence of its rocky shorelines along Lake Ontario.

    Come and enjoy! Come and stay!

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