Upper Canada Playhouse

Upper Canada Playhouse is a professional theatre company located in Morrisburg, Ontario and operating under the jurisdiction of Canadian Actors Equity. Now in its 34th season, The Playhouse produces an April-December season with a minimum of 8 productions built and rehearsed onsite and plays to an audience of over 40, 000 annually.

It operates out of a charmingly converted, 275-seat former toothbrush factory. The cultural facility has been enhanced by the addition of a new box office & administration wing and dedicated onsite workshop and rehearsal spaces. It is a non-profit professional theatre company governed by a board of directors and employing 2 permanent, 8 seasonal full-time and over 40 contracted employees annually.

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Business Details

Upper Canada Playhouse

12320 County Rd 2, Morrisburg



Mon, Wed 10am–5pm; Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am–7pm; Sun: 11am–1pm

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