Vagabond Theatre

The first production for Vagabond Theatre took place in the small auditorium at St Joseph’s Villa in the fall of 1983. Two one-act plays were presented and to the surprise of many, the production was sold out on the final evening. And so, Vagabond Theatre began. Over the years, Vagabond Theatre has presented comedies, mysteries, whodunits, and dramas.

The name “Vagabond Theatre” was selected because over the years the theatre company has wandered from venue to venue in Cornwall looking for a home of some permanence (and still does!). Vagabonders have performed at such notable Cornwall locations as General Vanier Secondary School, the Weave Shed, Aultsville Theatre, and currently, at Dreambuilder Studios on Second Street West.

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Vagabond Theatre

PO Box 1987 Stn Main, Cornwall


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ArsenicandOldLace_33461Since its inception, Vagabond has participated at various times in the Eastern Ontario Drama League play festivals and has received many awards.

Each year, Vagabond Theatre mounts at least two productions: one in the fall (late October or early November) and one in the spring (late March or April).

We work hard to enhance theatre knowledge through participation in our theatrical workshops and offering opportunities and bursaries to students who are pursuing their education in the performing arts.

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