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Destination Canada

Destination Canada provides intelligence, tools and resources that help the Canadian tourism industry reach international markets.


Destination Ontario

Destination Ontario website boasts a wealth of helpful information for those who are interested in learning more or are interested in partnership opportunities. Event and business listings on www.ontariotravel.net are absolutely free! It is a simple process to register your listing or package.

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Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) is recognized as the umbrella government advocacy organization serving Ontario’s diverse tourism industry. Collectively representing over 186,000 businesses and 389,000 employees across the province, TIAO provides a strong, unified voice for the sector.


Tourism Industry Association of Canada

Founded in 1930 to encourage the development of tourism in Canada, TIAC serves today as the national private-sector for representing tourism interests at the national level, and its advocacy work involves promoting and supporting policies, programs and activities that will benefit the sector’s growth and development.

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Ontario Tourism Education Corporation

A leader in Hospitality and Customer Service Training and Community Workforce Development, OTEC is an independent, not-for-profit Training, Consulting, and Workforce Development organization that delivers innovative, high-quality solutions for the development and growth of a professional, skilled workforce.

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Culinary Tourism Alliance

By bridging the gap between the food and travel industries, the Culinary Tourism Alliance is strengthening the links between the viticulture, agriculture, aquaculture sectors to the hospitality sector to promote the growth of food tourism. Their work lies in developing strong relationships between growers, chefs, processors, restaurateurs, accommodation providers, distributors, government and industry organizations.

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Indigenous Tourism Ontario

Indigenous Tourism Ontario (ITO) is the province’s first and only dedicated Indigenous tourism organization that focuses on uniting communities, Indigenous organizations and industry leaders to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Ontario.

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Indigenous Tourism Canada

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is a non-profit organization that is committed to growing and promoting a sustainable, culturally rich Indigenous tourism industry in Canada.

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Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance

Sport tourism is now the fastest-growing segment of the tourism industry. Created in November 2000 through a partnership with the Canadian Tourism Commission, CSTA has grown from 18 founding members to over 500 members including 200+ municipalities, 250+ national and provincial sport organizations, 20+ educational institutions and a variety of product and service suppliers to the industry. One of the CSTA’s key objectives is to market Canada internationally as a preferred sport tourism destination.

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Festivals and Events Ontario

Festivals & Events Ontario (FEO) has been representing the festivals and events industry in Ontario for 30 years, making sure communities continue to produce unique, quality festivals in all corners of the province. Providing education, professional development and networking while fostering a community of passionate people invested in the festival and event industry, FEO works hard to deliver membership benefits that help support the growth of the industry.

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Travel Gay Canada

Travel Gay Canada is Canada’s national LGBT tourism industry association. Its goal is to provide LGBT travelers with products and services that meet their needs and expectations, and to better inform them of the unique and vast travel opportunities and experiences available within Canada.

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Attractions Ontario

Attractions Ontario is the authority on Attractions & Trip Motivators in Ontario, the voice of the industry and the source for consumers to discover Ontario’s destination experiences. The association offers best-in-class, high-value access to consumers in bolstering attendance and business activity for the Attractions & Tourism industry.

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Travel Media Association of Canada

Founded in 1994, TMAC represents Canada’s most professional and productive experts in the field of travel. The Association currently has almost 400 members — Canadian writers, photographers, videographers, bloggers and social media mavens, as well as highly respected representatives of the travel industry from around the world.

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Travel Industry Council of Ontario

TICO licensing is required for any person or business that sells travel. This means that if you are offering an experience that includes accommodations, you need to be TICO certified.

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Ontario by Bike

Ontario’s cycle tourism community has grown significantly over the last few years. Take initiative in attracting cyclists by becoming ‘Bicycle Friendly’ through Ontario By Bike.

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