Past Presentations & Workshops

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February 2020 - Content Optimization & Reporting For Travel & Tourism

A look at South Eastern Ontario's content landscape and how we optimize this content to reach a larger audience. Includes basic Google Analytics terms and how to measure conversion.

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Level Up Your Instagram Game - Slides

This workshop will inspire participants to create meaningful content, effectively manage their account, and learn about the latest trends. You’ll learn: How to elevate your current strategy, How to manage your time effectively, Helpful apps to create better content, Analytics and why they matter, How to establish an Instagram brand aesthetic.

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Level Up Your Instagram Game - Notes

Missed out on our workshop? No problem! Here are the notes from our workshop to go with the slide deck above.

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Managing Your Online Presence For Tourism Businesses

How to better manage your online business presence with research to build a great online

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March 2019 - Product Development Strategy

Product development is the process of identifying tourism product development priorities with the greatest potential to attract key target markets. The current vision and mission of RTO9 reflects the value of partnership and collaboration with the destinations in the region, which is the starting point for a strategy involving many partners and stakeholders.

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February 2019 - Making Sense of Web Analytics

A look at why website data is so important for not only a marketer, but for tourism operators, and small businesses. Cathy from Alphabet Creative explains what data to track, how to report on this data, and what to do with this data.

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January 2019 - State of Tourism

In 2016, 7.8 million visitors spent $817 million in the region, the total tourism employment impact was 7,078 jobs and there were 6,645 tourism-related businesses in operation.

This document offers a summary of the performance of the tourism industry for the years 2016 through 2018; it includes trends over the previous years and other analyses on the key indicators that offer market intelligence and insights about the state of the industry.

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February 2018 - Research and Insights Forum

Within the industry, market research plays a vital role in helping to create compelling products and experiences, to market effectively to the trade and to consumers, and develop and manage destinations. The RTOs and DMOs that have both clearly-defined market research programs – and the trained staff that are able to manage them –are able to be more effective in all these areas than their peers.

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Parts Unknown: Exploring Disruptive Change in the Business of DMO’s

Exploring the drivers of change within the tourism industry.

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July 2017 - Role of a DMO

A review of options and best practices to be followed by a DMO.

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