Tool Kit


Social Media Style Guide

Have a look at our South Eastern Ontario style guide that we use to communicate our brand's character and voice. We have also included popular hashtags and accounts we follow.

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Instagram Stories Takeover Form

An Instagram Stories Takeover is an opportunity to show your audience a new and exciting experience from someone else's perspective. Before you launch your first takeover, have a look at our form to guide you.

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South Eastern Ontario Media Kit

In this media kit, you will find some analytics and quotes from past operators and partners that we have worked with.


The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

In our Influencer Marketing Guide, we will teach you what you should know before diving into the Influencer Marketing waters. From finding the right Influencers, to tracking the success of your campaign, we can help you!


Instagram Strategy Worksheet

We've created a worksheet to help you create your own strategy for Instagram. Use this worksheet to help you elevate your content.

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Travel Personas for South Eastern Ontario

With research gathered from past surveys by Twenty31 and utilizing the passion buckets of Destination Ontario, we have created a guide on travel personas. For each persona, we’ve included a sample profile to put a fictional face to best represent the lifestyle and activities suited to this persona. It is highly recommended that anyone referring to this guide also refer to our surveys for deeper knowledge.

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Content Style Guide for South Eastern Ontario

The Content Style Guide is a resource created to provide support for third-party influencers, freelance writers, and guest bloggers, looking to develop content that is aligned with the South Eastern Ontario brand. It is a document with rules and guidelines on how to write content for your brand. Have a look at ours and create your own!


Blogging Checklist for South Eastern Ontario

Do you have guidelines in place for your blogs? All content marketers should create guidelines to maintain consistency and quality across all blogs. Our guidelines include checklists to reference before and after creating a post.

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