Tool Kit


The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

Adding Influencers into your Digital Marketing strategy can help increase Awareness of your brand, create Engagement on your channels, and most importantly - increase visitations to your destination/ tourism attraction or business. Whether you’re gifting attraction tickets, event tickets or a destination trip, tourism operators can harness the power of Influencer Marketing to get their brands in front of a new audience to then assist in increasing attendance and visits.

In our Influencer Marketing Guide, we’ll teach what you should know before diving into the Influencer Marketing waters. From finding the right Influencers, tips on creating a contract, to tracking the success of your campaigns, we’ll assist you in creating a strategy.


Instagram Strategy Worksheet

We've created a worksheet to help you create your own strategy for Instagram. We hope this gives you a fresh look at how to elevate your content.


Content Style Guide for South Eastern Ontario

A content style guide is a document with rules and guidelines on how to write content for your brand. It's important to create a style guide to keep things consistent when you bring on other writers. This is the easiest way to communicate your brand and expectations when you start working with freelance writers, guest bloggers, and editors. Have a look at ours and create your own!


Blogging Checklist for South Eastern Ontario

Do you have guidelines in place for your blogs? All content marketers should create guidelines to maintain consistency and quality across all blogs. Our guidelines include checklists to reference before and after creating a blog post.

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